Worship Matters

Worship Matters  Tune:   Abbott’s Leigh 8787D

 Worship matters to God’s people.

People matter to our God.

It’s the time when we all gather;

Pray and sing and hear the Word

Words of hope and words of promise;

Laid upon our hearts with truth.

Filling us with joy and courage;

Of God’s love and life renewed.


When the world seems dark and lonely,

When the way seems so unclear,

Worship points us to the future;

God reminds us not to fear.

Bread and wine to feed our bodies;

Souls restored with stories shared.

God is faithful, ever present;

We remember whose we are.


When God’s people come together;

To this place God’s love is made known.

We can cry and laugh and question;

Knowing that we’re not alone.

Differences that might divide us;

Have no power to control.

God reminds us we’re one family;

All are members of the whole.

Words: Catherine MacDonald 2007 ©

I wrote this after attending Worship Matters in London 2007.

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