Thoughts wantingto direct knowingThe way isclearSorrow, regretoverflows my cup. PotentialOptionsOpportunitiesPossibilitiesProspects.Closed. Decisionsmade and spiritlightens, yetthe impossiblestill beckons.Crying,“If only!” Openwhat waswhat iswhat might be. Amen.

The Pull of Light

Did Jesusfeel this wayas the end of dayWhen he sat downAnd reflectedOn how many peopleHe healedHow many peoplehe taughtHow many peopleHe demonstrated God’s love? Did he onlynotice the striving?Did he onlysee what wasstill left to do?Or was he awareof your presenceall around him? Today was and is many things:The fear of violenceThe sweetness of cheesecakeOn…