Circling Lent: Pray

How and when you do you pray?

Circling Lent: Dismal

It’s a dull, dreary, drizzly, DISMAL day. It’s Ash Wednesday and I pulled into the parking lot of the church where the service is taking place in order to get set up so that I wasn’t rushed this evening, only to discover that I left the key to that church at home! I am usually…

Circling Lent

Circles have been an important part of the past year of Interim Ministry and so I created this Word a Day Lenten Response. I will probably be using photos, but I invite you to do whatever you like with the word: meditate, pray, dance, write. #circlinglent

Lenten Photo-A-Day: Enter

As a minister, I continue to find it challenging to enter fully into the rhythm of Holy Week. Planning and leading multiple services over three days tosses me between death and resurrection with seemingly little time to settle in one. This picture, reminds me that I can enter and exit through the same space. That…