Circling Lent: Pray


Crocus at Prayer – March 2017

I pray in a variety of ways… with my camera… scripture… dance… drum… in my gardens…

I came late to gardening, only really starting when I was first ordained and settled in a small community in Southern Ontario. The manse was surrounded by flower beds and I felt compelled to attend to them. After all, I couldn’t have the community thinking the minister was lazy! Plus, I had avid gardeners all around who were more than willing to share expertise, time, and plants with me.

The first time I stuck a trowel in the soil to dig up some weeds, I put all my strength behind it… the only gardening I had done up till that point was in the rocky, hard, thin soil of Eastern Passage. Imagine my surprise when my hand went right down to the soil. That was my first experience of the rich, deep soil of southern Ontario. By the way, much of this rich farmland in Ontario is still under threat of an airport being built on it. Check out Land Over Landings  for more on the 45 year fight to save this precious resource!

Last fall, I planted crocus bulbs for the first time, right beside the front step. I wanted a visible sign of spring right by the door, but given the snow we have had, I hadn’t even thought to check on them, until a friend posted on Facebook that hers were up. And sure enough, when I got home, there were some of mine, reaching for the sky, looking as if they are stretched in praise.

I pause, I inhale, I give thanks.



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