Friday Five: Lenten Disciplines


The brilliance and the shadows… a fitting photo for the beginning of Lent. 

Over at RevGals it’s Friday Five time again! This time about seasonal disciplines.

  1. Are you giving up, or taking on? Some combination thereof? Something of both. I created a word a day creative response list, you can check it out here. I am also taking on healthy eating. 
  2. Fasting? What does that look like for you? I have never fasted, but I am taking the opportunity of these 6 weeks of Lent to kickstart the healthy eating habits. I would be interested in hearing from folks who have fasted. What does that mean? How do you maintain your energy? 
  3. In what way is study helpful to you this season? Are you reading, studying, journaling…? Photography has been the principle way I pray for a number of years, and I plan to continue and deepen that practice. I started a 5 day a week Bible reading plan at the beginning of the year, but have fallen behind and been tempted (!) to just let it go, despite the fact that I found it very meaningful the first 4 weeks.  
  4. Purple. Do you find that your wardrobe is drawn to participate in the season? I love the colour purple anyway! 
  5. How are you finding ways to take “time apart” in order to avoid getting worn thin? I am feeling a little worn thin right now. The second year in an interim ministry appointment is harder than the first. I knew it would be harder. I just started singing again with YouGottaSing, a community choir whose director chooses uplifting music and whose energy and enthusiasm always inspires me. But as an introvert, I take time apart by being alone and so I am guarding Fridays more intentionally this season. 

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Lenten Disciplines

  1. I have so enjoyed your photography. For so many years my learning was auditory (and still is) and reading. My spiritual direction training helped me discover the joy of images and some days on only “words” I can say are through images.

  2. Good on you! I think fasting is a challenge. The physical pangs are uncomfortable and distracting, I think. Maybe doing a fast with others? It’s never really called to me, in spite of the annual invitation of the season. Good luck with the eating changes. I find that using an app (MyFitnessPal) made it much easier to make conscious choices once I became aware of the content of what I was eating. I also lost 40 pounds! So glad you’re singing! So many wonderful benefits, not the least of which is joy. Blessings, this season!

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