Friday Five: Words

It’s Friday Five time again over at RevGalBlogPals; I haven’t played for a couple of weeks.

1. Lent practice – add in, or take out? I am posting a photo a day and blogging about it based on the list from RETHINKCHURCH.

2. Alliteration: favourite tongue twister, or alliterative phrase. Patience, persistence, power. 

3. Sticking with words – just because I love colouring too – your favourite onomatopoeic word illustrated (self drawn, or googled!) Zarf. I don’t think it qualifies as onomatopoeic, but it appeals to me for some reason… maybe because I have used it in Scrabble a couple of times to scoop a win out of the jaws of defeat. Zarf

4. Your week – mad crazy – or did you find space, peace, calm or something else beautiful. Some of both. Monday was a holiday here in Nova Scotia, which is always appreciated, and while, as per normal, that just means the work is compressed into a shorter week, but only had one night time meeting, so it was nice to be home for supper most nights. However, I remembered last night as I was falling asleep that I have a piece of writing due next week… and had forgotten about it. 

Me5. Photo – I am trying to post a picture a day – sometimes its words over a picture, sometimes just the picture, for my Lent practice – a photo that sums up your week, day, hour, moment…. This is one of my sisters and I, just before we had our first session with a trainer, we are both determined to lose some weight AND get a bit more fit… this photography hobby is surprisingly physically taxing! 


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Words

  1. I always knew Shelley looked somewhat like Catherine but never quite as much as in this photo. Proud of both of you for altogether different reasons.

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