Lenten Photo-A-Day: Refuge

2014This is the home we built not quite 4 years ago. I am not sure why we thought it was a good idea at the same time as we were planning a wedding? 🙂 In reality, we didn’t have many down and dirty arguments about the house or the wedding. Or if we did, I have forgotten them.

Home as refuge has always been important to me. I think part of it stems from being an ‘Air Force Brat’ and moving around every few years. Having a place to call my own touches something deep inside. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be comfortable. It has to be a place that is my escape and not one I wanted to escape from.

There are times I feel a bit guilty about the all the space we have, even though it’s far from a mansion! At 1400 square feet it’s much larger than how much of the world lives. But we host extended family gatherings, we have a spare bedroom for guests (especially grandchildren) to stay and I have a study to house my hundreds of books. Our large backyard hosts bonfires many summer weekends and the flower gardens have given me a new appreciation of the seasons, you should have seen how excited I was last year when the first spiky hyacinth poked its way out of the ground after the longest winter I have experienced in Nova Scotia. Most importantly, love is shared in and extended from our home.  Home=Love=Refuge. A new trinity!


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