Zoom In, Zoom Out

One of the things that I have been consciously trying to do over the past couple of years is ‘reframe’ something. For instance, when I am presented with a challenging situation, is there a way to look upon it as an opportunity? Is there a way to think about it in a different way? Are there things I am not seeing because I am so close to the situation? Or am I missing the intricate connections of the tiniest details because I am too far away? 

Since I have been exploring the sacred through photography, the idea of re-framing has become clearer. For instance, when you look at this picture, taken in our backyard, you may think that our yard is full of the extravagant array of colours that deciduous trees display as they prepare for winter. 

Now look at this uncropped picture of the same scene; quite a difference isn’t there? 
This pictures shows that there is a row of evergreen trees, with a solitary deciduous tree spattering the sky with its colour.  

Both pictures are true, but you will have a very different interpretation and understanding of what you are looking at based on which one you focus on. 

My life is often like that. Sometimes I have to zoom in and reframe something in order to grasp meaning and beauty in the details, in the finer points. Sometimes I have to zoom out, in order to see the meaning and beauty in the big picture. Wisdom is knowing which one to focus on. 

Life usually isn’t tied up in neat little packages is it, at least mine isn’t. It doesn’t come with numbered instructions with the promise that following them will lead to happiness. Every situation has multiple ‘still’ shots within it. Multiple opportunities to either zoom in or zoom out. No matter which one you choose, know that the tiny details and the overarching view are both full of the sacred. 

And that’s my window on God’s world.   

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