I was at Tatamagouche Centre www.tatacentre.ca at the end of June participating in a program on spiritual deepening. 

During that time I was introduced to a spiritual practice that was new to me: ‘visio divina’ and ‘natura divina’… exploring the sacred through visuals and nature. I discovered a love of photography as a way to reflect upon God’s image in the world and have been seeing the world a little differently ever since. 

This picture to the left is the window in my front door;  it portrays what I hope to do through this blog: reflect on how I see/experience God at a particular point in time through images, usually using my own photographs. 

So, what does the image say about God and life? What does it say about the workings of my soul and spirit? There is light and dark in the same image, and various shades, a reminder that no experience is ever one thing or the other, and that we can count on the light replacing the darkness. There are curves and straight lines and no one right way to find God. There are some almost greenish places… what is growing and being nurtured within me right now? Not in some mythical, perfect time, but right now, in this life I have.  

There is mystery… what lies beyond or through the window? What will I encounter THIS day as I step outside or go deep within myself? How does who I am on this particular day affect who I encounter or the types of encounters I have? 

How is this portal, this space between my personal and public lives, significant as I step over its threshold? Do I even realize that I am crossing a threshold? Most days, I confess I do not, mentally, I am already at my first appointment or into my first task. And yet, if I would pause… and breathe… and be present… I would know that the doorway holds endless possibilities as I go through it. 

May your windows be open to the possibility of encountering the sacred. 

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  1. Wonderful Catherine, I will travel with you on this journey. This first entry has already touched me in many different ways.

    Thank you.

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