Broken and Beautiful

The church is broken and beautiful. We are broken and beautiful. But like the leper, we can reach out to Jesus. And Jesus will touch us and heal us. We are treasured by God, broken and beautiful.

Go Back and Go Forth!

Picture a crowded auditorium. It’s the last day of General Council, the national gathering of the United Church, where approximately 300 delegates, an equal number of clergy and lay people from across the country meet to make decision that affect the entire church There are also a number of observers and guests from around the…

Start Close In

With the events south of the border, we might be tempted to be complacent about Canadian society. But when we venture out of our mostly white, middle class bubbles, we find all kinds of isms. Our baptism challenges us to live differently and we can start in our own neighbourhoods!

I’d Say Yes God If I Knew What You Wanted

Do you know what I love about you folks? You are very cooperative!  Almost any time I ask someone if they will do something, they say yes! Not always, but usually. Last week, I approached 4 people about the possibility of us having a student from the Atlantic School of Theology in January, two said…

How do WE Respond to God?

Anyone else a Star Trek fan? I was captivated by the series as a child, but the only time I could see it was when we visited my grandparents in southern Manitoba. They lived close to the US border and so picked up more than CBC!  I remember a number of years ago watching a…