Ordinary Days

In The Writing Life, Annie Dillard reminds us of something that is at once obvious and shocking: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Loving God’s World

I wrote this hymn this week; it’s for the theme my church is exploring this Lent and in response to the events unfolding in Ukraine. The photo is notes at one of the vaccination clinics this past summer.

His Voice Rings Out Strong

When Jesus said to Peter.Let down your nets once more.He must have been disheartened,For he’d just come ashore.The nets had come up empty,Though he had laboured long.He put his trust in Jesus,His voice rang out so strong. The other fishers followed,And much to their surprise.The nets were overflowing,They scarce believed their eyes.They fell down in…


For some reason, gratitude kept getting threaded through my sermons each week of Advent. I preached on how to turn complaining or negativity into gratitude.

The Voice of Love

At the forefront of just about everybody’s mind right now I expect is Covid. Our hopes and dreams of a more normal Christmas season and gatherings teetering on the edge of being dashed once again. On this week where we focus on love in church, we might be struggling with a variety of other feelings……

Finding and Choosing Joy

You may or may not remember that two weeks ago, I reflected on the connection between hope and gratitude and the scripture passage was about Zechariah being struck silent because of his disbelief around his wife Elizabeth’s pregnancy. This morning, we are going to hear a continuation of that story… where Elizabeth gives birth to…

The Presence of Hope

A couple of months ago, I started dreaming, pondering, planning Advent. A colleague and I got together and bounced ideas off one another and by the end of that afternoon, I had an initial focus, along with the scriptures I planned to use. A couple of weeks after that Byron, Jessie, Ryan, and Lynda and…