Friday Five – Fruit of the Spirit

Over at RevGalBlogPals it’s Friday Five time and today they are talking about fruit! 1. What was your favorite fruit when you were a child? Is that still your favorite, or have your tastes changed? Apples were my favourite growing up, except for tangerines at Christmas time and since I try and eat mostly local,…

Friday Five – Sweet Things

Over at the RevGalBlogPals Facebook page it’s Friday Five time and we are being invited to notice the ‘sweet things,’ those signs of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives right now. Sabbatical: While officially I’ve been on sabbatical/vacation since May 15th, I had a few pieces of work to finish up as part…

Great Joy!

The church universal often has the most heated disagreements about three things: gender, sexuality and outsiders.

Look! Here Is Water!

I believe that the biggest crisis of the United Church is not dwindling congregations, it’s not buildings that are too big for our present needs, it’s not a lack of resources, it’s a lack of ability or willingness to tell the story of Jesus in a way that is engaging and inviting. It’s a lack of conviction that our faith matters to those outside our walls.

Saved and Saving

Many years ago, when I was in ministry just across the harbour in the north end of Halifax, I was invited to the groundbreaking ceremony of the L’Arche Community that was being built just a couple of blocks from United Memorial, the church I was serving.  For those of you who may not be familiar…