Lenten Photo-A-Day: Mighty

MightyThis pendant was made for me by one of my parishioners in response to my ‘Take Heart’ Show (Shameless plug: if you didn’t make it to opening night, and you live in the Halifax area, the show will be up until March 5th. Click here to go to the show site.

The heart is slightly less than 2 inches across and there are 12 fish cut out of it. The heart of Christianity is Jesus. As i reflected and was drawn into the image, I began to think of the symbolism of the 12 fish, the 12 disciples who are no longer with Jesus. And that seemed sad. But after some reflection it symbolizes the disciples going out into the world, sharing the Jesus’ message. They were still part of Jesus heart, but if they hadn’t stepped (swam?) out beyond their comfort zone, billions wouldn’t gather around the Jesus story as they do every day.  Those ordinary women and men shared a mighty message of love and justice for all. I will cherish the pendant.


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