Friday Five – Transportation

img_20180803_1634205418759100.jpgIt’s Friday Five at Revgals and today it’s all about transportation!

  1. Car: I just got back from a little over three weeks away at a couple of church conferences and vacation.  I drove from Nova Scotia to Toronto; there were some who expressed surprise and a little incredulity that I was doing that distance on my own, but let me tell you, when you have cruise control, air conditioning and books streaming via Bluetooth, it’s a pretty enjoyable way to spend a couple of days. It’s also the way that my family of origin always traveled when my father, an air traffic controller with the Canadian Armed Forces, was transferred from place to place.
  2. Plane: Getting me places in a hurry or further than I have time to drive, for example, one coast to the other as I have done that past two years. My most memorable flight was when I flew to Nova Scotia with my son and cat to take a new job. As we entered the airport building, I heard the words, “Would Catherine MacDonald please report to the baggage claim.” It turned out that my cat, who had travelled with the baggage, had escaped her cage and they couldn’t get anywhere near her. I had to climb up in the baggage compartment to get her.
  3. Ferry: The ferry between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia is such a civilized way to get there and back. I have both driven on and walked on at different times.
  4. Train: Love the train, but it has gotten so expensive in Canada, that it’s not really practical any more.
  5. Bus: I NEVER take the bus… I can’t imagine anything worse.

What’s your favourite mode of transportation?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Transportation

  1. My favourite mode of transportation is the car. I plan on going to South Carolina for the month of November and I’m going to be driving down all by myself and I look forward to the peace and and just being able to enjoy the scenery as I drive the mountains on the 84/81 route

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