Friday Five – Favourite Places

Over at Revgals, it’s Friday Five time again. I haven’t played for a couple of weeks. This week we are to name five our favourite places.

  1. Conrad’s Beach – The ocean is a very powerful metaphor for God for me. Whether the waves are coming in softly and gently with barely a hush or crashing and overwhelming, my soul finds God there.
  2. Bonaventure Island – I have only been there once, last summer as part of my sabbatical. My husband and I took an unintended 10k (6 miles) hike when we inadvertently chose the longest and most demanding trail around the island. Spectacular scenery, the world’s largest gannet colony and the memory of my husband encouraging me as the elevation continued to climb. I was never so glad to see the ferry dock come into view!
  3. Quebec City – The old, walled city, combined with French Canadian Culture, is a feast for all the senses.
  4. Home – My refuge.
  5. Anywhere that our two beautiful grandchildren are!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five – Favourite Places

  1. I love these pictures! The ocean really does speak of God, doesn’t it? I’ve only been to Quebec City once, but I loved it too.

  2. There is so much to see and read, I feel lost, but really not savay enough for my own blog or whatever, but your five selections were good one as familur with most, they are some of God’s best.

  3. Number one is easy, the Stewart family home in Chatham, NB. 2 requires sorting, but I like Ireland Island, Bermuda, the first place I felt away from the family, 3 is harder again, with a choice among churches but focused on the white church in Chatham: “St. Andrew’s United Church of Chatham”, 4: Quebec City or HMS Victory, letting me peek into times long gone when folk scrambled to survive, 5: most likely, where I am at the moment.

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