Friday Five – Hospitals

Explaining something about my cast during Children's Time.

Explaining something about my cast during Children’s Time.

Over at RevGals the Friday Five is all about hospitals.

Five ways I have experienced hospitals, actually six:

  1. My earliest memory of a hospital is getting my tonsils out on my BIRTHDAY when i was 5. We lived in Quebec, in a French community and the nurses were nuns. And I was in a crib! I was both terrified and affronted.
  2. Sitting at the hospital with my teenage son while we waited for emergency appendectomy surgery.
  3. Sitting in the hospital waiting room with my mother while my father had radiation treatment.
  4. Waiting for surgery myself, in my first pastoral charge, 1800 kilometers (1200 miles) from home, and a parishioner who was a nurse at the hospital, came and prayed with me beforehand.
  5. The relief I felt after my first few days of shadowing a chaplain that I would be able to handle hospital visits.
  6. Waiting in emergency to have a broken wrist set and then coming home in the middle of the night to find that I couldn’t take my bra off.

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