Lenten Word-A-Day: Thanks

ThanksIt’s been a rainy/snowing/freezing rain kind of day and I worked at home. While I love working in the church office, sometimes a day working at home helps get the creative juices flowing.

I had one of those AHA! moments as I read a blog post by Jan Edmiston of A Church for Starving Artists. It was the jumping off point for me. She wrote, “Sometimes we might be the rock blocking the tomb. Or we could be the one to roll it out of the way to help resurrection happen.” 

During Lent, the congregations I serve have been writing down their ‘yearnings’ on rocks and placing them in a dry riverbed and I will be using those themes as a basis for worship during the Easter period.

And suddenly I had the idea to create a small tomb (Google was my friend) for the Sunrise Service and have rocks flowing out of it and the gathered community is going to be invited to take a stone out of the tomb and write on it what they are willing to move in order for Jesus to live!

I am thankful for the ministry of Jan Edmiston, for the congregations I serve, which encourage creativity, and for the fact that this came to me on MONDAY and not SATURDAY!


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