The Energy of Labyrinths & Bees!

This is entrance to the labyrinth at the Singing Sands Inn. I didn’t realize when I started down the path that it was an unfamiliar design to me, a two-mouthed Baltic Wheel Labyrinth or Goddess Labyrinth. The labyrinth was one of the reasons I chose to stay at Singing Sands Inn on my recent Photography Trip to PE. After breakfast on my first morning, I headed down to it. I was startled at how disoriented I felt when I didn’t recognize the pattern immediately. But knowing that labyrinths are not mazes, I started on on the path, pondering why I wanted to know the design. It’s no secret to my friends, family and congregation that I like to plan things, I like to know what’s going to happen when and who is responsible for making it happen. This has been both blessing and curse. As I walked the first curving path I kept trying to see the whole of it; but it was impossible. It was a large labyrinth and since it was simply mowed into the meadow I could only see part of it at any given point. After a few minutes I gave up trying to discern the entire design and simply trusted in the process. 

Walking a labyrinth has been very meaningful to me in the past. There are times when I come to one anxious and fretting and I am able to find calm and clarity in the gentle sweep of the back and forth path. There are times when I have come to a labyrinth at peace and then found myself disturbed as I changed direction. Always though, I have a deep sense of connecting with the sacred, with the earth and with all of creation. I feel the energy of a labyrinth deep in my bones and intentionally walk into the centre and back out. Except for this time! 

Since the labyrinth is simply mown into the meadow, it is home to butterflies and bees, along with mosquitoes and other flying and crawling things. I had bug spray on and so even though bugs were buzzing around me, they weren’t landing and I simply continued to walk, appreciating the sights, sounds and smells of this special place. Until a bee started dive bombing me! I ignored it for the first few times, knowing (intellectually at least) that there were many more things around that were more appetizing to the bee than me. Apparently the bee had other thoughts and after a few minutes, I could no longer ignore it! Waving my arms, adrenalin rising, completely ignoring the energy of the pathways, I hopped over them in the general direction of the exit, waving my arms frantically around my head. I arrived safe and sound, and rather sheepishly at the parking lot, with nary a bee in sight. 

My window on God’s world includes meadow mown labyrinths and bees… but I headed to the beach.   


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