Courage, Creativity, Compassion

I got to ordain four of these people today! What a privilege and what a gift to the church they will be!

12 Reasons for the President of Maritime Conference to Attend the Annual Assembly of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada!

How’s that for a title? I spent Thursday-Saturday on the beautiful, HILLY, campus of Acadia University as an ecumenical observer to their annual meeting. Prayer – Extemporaneous prayer was threaded through almost everything, there was no hesitation from clergy OR lay people to offer prayer before, during or after a presentation or discussion. Passion and…

Shiny, Happy People

Leviticus 8 – The Rites of Ordination The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Take Aaron and his sons with him, the vestments, the anointing oil, the bull of sin offering, the two rams, and the basket of unleavened bread; 3 and assemble the whole congregation at the entrance of the tent of meeting. Look…

Circling Lent: Spirit

I was privileged to attend the ordination of a colleague tonight. These are some of the words that were prayed over her: “Send down your Holy Spirit upon your servant Michelle, whom we consecrate in your name to the office and work of a priest in the church.” Indeed the Spirit swirled and danced tonight.