There’s More Love

Who has gone into another room in your house and then forgotten what you planned to do? And you had to go back to where you were to remember what it was you planned to do in the first place. Did you know that there is a scientific reason for that? These studies revealed that…

Small Things

Our lives are made up mostly of ordinary moments, not grand gestures, and it is is in the very ordinary moments that lives are transformed.

Great Joy!

The church universal often has the most heated disagreements about three things: gender, sexuality and outsiders.

GraceEconomics: Living the Cycle of Blessings

My sermon wound up going in a completely different direction that I had planned this week! I do not often preach from Paul’s writings, although at times, he had excellent advice to the churches in his letters. In today’s passage from his letter to the church in Rome, he seems to speak from the very…

Taking Heart in the Midst of Storms

One of the things that I loved about moving back to Nova Scotia 12 years ago from Ontario that all the water illustrations and metaphors are embedded in our culture. The ocean has been a constant backdrop to life through most of my time in Nova Scotia. I have almost always lived within sight and…