What Words Do You Live By?

Good Morning Everyone! What a fine gathering. My name is Rebekka. I was there that day… that day when Jesus freaked out and turned over the tables in the temple. I was there when he walked into the temple, looked around and shook his head… I was there to see the sadness in his eyes when he saw how…

Lose My Life to Find It?

  Two things seemed to dominate social media this week. The ‘dress’ and the death of Leonard Nimoy. The dress, which apparently appears to be different colours to different people, has something to teach us about perspective. Leonard Nimoy’s life has something to teach us. And I will try to weave those together with our Lenten theme of covenant…

Covenant Love

  We have entered the season of Lent… a time traditionally set apart to fast, pray and give alms. A time when Christians meditate on Christ’s life and impending death. A time to renew our commitment, our covenant, to following Jesus. Unfortunately, in many cases, Lent has devolved into simply giving up chocolate or something like that. The…

Covenant Love

Tune – Deep in Our Hearts Covenant love, you are the word that stirs us Covenant love, you cast out all our fears. Covenant love, you never will forsake us Promise and purpose will blossom here. (C) Catherine MacDonald


Covenant – Tune: Amazing Grace God’s covenant will never fail A promise sure and true. A message ancient and brand new. God’s word will see us through. (C) Catherine MacDonald 2015