Lenten Photo-A-Day: Covenant

CovenantThis is what was on the front of the bulletin for our wedding in 2012.

The following is the Blessing of the Rings that my husband and I wrote:

The rings are lying in a plate that holds both rocks and rose petals. The plate was made by a dear friend; the rocks have been gathered from a variety of places, a couple of favourite beaches, Florida, the shores of Lake Ontario and various places Catherine and Woody have been over the past four years. There are also rose petals on the plate, some dried from roses Woody and Catherine have given each other over the year, some fresh. Rocks for a strong foundation, roses for romance and tenderness. Together, they remind us that a relationship needs both to flourish.

2 thoughts on “Lenten Photo-A-Day: Covenant

  1. It was…it is…quite beautiful. In our never ending unpacking I just came across the wonderful pic of the 3 of us on that day of celebration! A great memory!

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