Friday Five – Brrr!

Over at Revgals the ‘Friday Five’ question is How Do You Cope With the Cold?

  1. I have discovered how much warmer I stay when I wear boots! This may seem pretty basic DSC02746but for a number of years I had heated underground parking and it’s been an adjustment to parking my car in the driveway of our home.
  2. Dressing for it. This is a picture I took on New Year’s Day on the trail behind our house. I was bundled up in long coat, scarf, gloves and boots. It helped that it was a glorious sunny day with no wind.
  3. Hunkering down in my lazygirl chair with fuzzy blanket and pyjamas, books and laptop.
  4. Making soup, we started receiving a box of fruit and vegetables through a CSA from Taproot Farms  and have discovered that if you take almost any vegetable and roast it, combine it with some stock and spices, you have a great soup! Click here for my recipe for Leek & Potato Soup.
  5. Noticing that there is a little more light each day!

And if all else fails, whine… or wine.

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