Friday Five – Cover to Cover


Flat St. Paul hanging on one of the bookcases in my study at St. Paul’s United.

It’s Friday Five time over at Revgals and today it’s all about books. I love reading, I can hardly remember a time when books didn’t excite and comfort me. I will always be grateful to my parents, and particularly my mother, for fostering my love of reading. I don’t remember being read to as a child, but I must have been, because I do remember waiting anxiously for the mailman to come because it might mean another Dr. Suess book. I can still recite parts of Green Eggs and Ham. I remember the thrill of being allowed to check out up to SIX books at a time at the library in the small northern town we lived when I was six years old. And going back as many times as I wanted; those were the days of ‘free-range parenting.’

I still get excited when I know a book is waiting for me at the post office!

Share with us some of your favorites:

A cookbook – The Canadian Mennonite Cookbook; this is the cookbook I grew up baking with and while I love searching the web and trying new recipes, it is still the one I turn to for tried and true favourites. It’s the cookbook that I used I was first trusted with dessert making at home. My copy bears the spatters of more than four decades of using it.

A novel – That’s really challenging, over the years, there have been so many. I am indiscriminate in my reading material. I love romance, crime thrillers, suspense, historical fiction, about the only genre I don’t like is horror. I love delving deeply into thick meaty books like the early Diana Galbadon books; those are the books that keep me reading long after my eyes should be closed for the night. I love the light, frothy works of Susan Wiggs for escapism and the darkness of human nature of Jeffrey Deaver.

A nonfiction book – I just finished reading Through the Glass by Shannon Moroney; a compelling story of betrayal, forgiveness and resilience after finding out that her new husband has sexually assaulted two women a month after they were married.

A well-thumbed book to which you turn often, or with affection, used in our profession – Hmm, may be a Bible? Despite my love for all things electronic, I still use my LARGE print Bible the most.

An author you recommend frequently to others – Louise Penny; her stories set in Three Pines, a village in Quebec, featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache are intriguing, well written and demonstrate the breadth of human nature.

Bonus: what are you reading now? – I have a few things on the go: Gil Rendle’s Leading Change in the Congregation, I just cracked Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Accidental Saints and for bedtime reading, I just finished one of Marian Keyes’ Anybody Out There.

Now… back to pickling 36 pounds of beets!

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