Friday Five: Gladden Your Heart


Hyacinth Last Spring

What are the things which gladden your heart? Which give you strength and sustain you when the going gets tough? And, can you choose just five!?

  1. Getting outside with my camera, which helps me notice and be present.
  2. Singing, ‘In the Lord, I’ll Be Ever Thankful.’ It’s been a favourite since I first heard it over a decade ago and the congregation sang it as I came down the aisle at our wedding in 2012.
  3. The hymn ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.’ While I may not agree with all the theology in it anymore, it has been and continues to be, a source of comfort.
  4. The poetry of Mary Oliver.
  5. My husband, who does more to support me in ministry than anyone knows, because it is usually in the background.
  6. Bonus: Colleagues, face to face and groups such as the RevGals!


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