Friday Five – Back to School!

Revgal Monica Thompson Smith posed give questions about back to school this morning.  Like Monica I loved school; I got good grades and enjoyed team sports, I loved the finiteness (I don’t think that is a word, but it works!) of reports and tests. Unlike ministry, which is never finished. Her questions didn’t quite resonate with me as I attended six different schools, in three different provinces in 10 years of schooling. I ran away from home when I was 14, so didn’t finish high school till MUCH later, but that’s a story for another post!


Part of my ‘Hearts of Nature’ collection.

So here are five things about the ‘back to school’ season that I love:

  1. September always seems like the New Year to me. There is a sense of anticipation, of new beginnings, new possibilities.
  2. I am always tempted to start a D. Min in the fall, even as I recognize that I don’t really have the energy to undertake that along with interim ministry.
  3. The opportunity to go out and buy some new office supplies, because we all know how coordinated clips and notepads and pens are an asset to our ministry!
  4. Getting back to more regular routines, don’t misunderstand me, I love the slower pace of summer and this year enjoyed a month of vacation, where I didn’t make many plans and did what I wanted most days without thought for the next. But it’s time to get back to the gym and healthier eating, and earlier bedtimes.
  5.  The crispness in the air in the mornings this past week is reminding me that despite hot days, the season is changing… but it’s always bittersweet.

9 thoughts on “Friday Five – Back to School!

  1. I’m right there with you on September feeling like The New Year! I’d love to read your story about not finishing HS until much later—is it on this blog or elsewhere? Love your beautiful autumn leaf heart, too; thanks for playing!

  2. this is my first year since age 3 to not be IN school or WORKING AT school. I got admitted to a MSW program for Fall but decided to defer for a year. It’s the right decision but I still want to buy school supplies!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for playing, and I love your reflections! September will always feel like the new year to me, way more than January. And I love office supplies! I love just looking at them in the store!

    One of our kids thrives with a steady and strong routine, though she claims to not like school. Her behavior and mood are always much improved during the school year.

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