Friday Five – Favourite Things!


A ‘pheeto’ with my sisters and mother on a beach in Florida.

It’s Friday Five time with the RevGalBlogPals and today’s question is about favourite things. I chose to go with one for each of the senses, even then it was very hard to pick just one in every category.

Favourite Sight – The ocean, for some reason, as soon as I get near the ocean, my breath deepens, my heart slows, my shoulders relax. I am fortunate to live within 20 minutes of my favourite beach and often wonder why I don’t go more often.

Favourite  Smell – The smell of bread baking, it’s a visceral response, the first sermon I ever wrote was about the bread.

Favourite Sound – The sound of the last gurgle of the coffee maker in the morning, especially if it happens just as I am waking up.

Favourite Touch – When my husband and I clasp hands as we say grace at supper.

Favourite Taste – That’s a HARD one, one things stands out in my memory from over 25 years ago! I was playing in a ball tournament in the middle of a hot summer. Our team was sponsored by one of the large pop companies, so there was lots of sugary, carbonated beverages to be had, which after a while don’t do anything to satisfy your thirst. The opposing team, after we lost to them, offered me some water from a jug, the sweetest, most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I had never experienced water as sweet before, but it remains a clear memory.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Favourite Things!

  1. This is beautiful. I am thinking about your final thought and, with permission and acknowledgment, may use it in my sermon this week. I am preaching Isaiah 55. –Wendy

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