Snottin’ and Ballin’

IMG_20190608_0815133Yesterday, on a beautiful, sunny morning, a small group of Liz Feltham’s family and friends gathered to bear witness as her husband spread her ashes in a place she loved.

Later that day, a larger group gathered in a friends home, to share stories, to hear Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes, and to raise a glass to her spirit and memory. It was Liz’s request that Amazing Grace be played, because in her words, “You better be crying!” Or in her Newfoundland parlance, ‘snottin’ and ballin.’

If you want to get a sense of this amazing woman who will be missed, who had an impact far beyond what she ever imagined, and who found herself surrounded by love from across the country, read her blog Food 4 Thought. I found myself both laughing and crying at her last post: Does This Urn Make My Ash Look Big?

Much of the conversations that Liz and I had were around matters of faith, my visits with her and Mike in Victoria were full of questions and explorations. It was with immense privilege that she and I shared communion on my last visit with her. No fancy liturgy, simply two friends, sharing bread and wine and a connection to the sacred that had become important to Liz.


From weakness, sprang strength
From insecurity, new confidence
From rigidity, adaptiveness
From agnosticism, faith
From fear, resolve
From cynicism, belief
Belief in love
Belief in life
Belief in mindfulness
Belief in myself
Belief in good
Emerging from darkness and despair
Emerging into a new life
…as light gives wings to hope.

Liz Feltham 2017

Liz died October 15, 2018 of ALS.


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