His Voice Rings Out Strong

When Jesus said to Peter.
Let down your nets once more.
He must have been disheartened,
For he’d just come ashore.
The nets had come up empty,
Though he had laboured long.
He put his trust in Jesus,
His voice rang out so strong.

The other fishers followed,
And much to their surprise.
The nets were overflowing,
They scarce believed their eyes.
They fell down in amazement,
For they had laboured long.
They put their trust in Jesus
His voice rang out so strong.

We knew the way to do things,
We knew the neighbourhood.
We thought it would last forever,
But we misunderstood.
And change is all around us,
And will we labour long?
Will we put our trust in Jesus?
His voice rang out so strong.

And we like those first fishers,
Sometimes can be dismayed.
But we will follow Jesus.
Into that bright new day.
And we know there’s a future
And we will labour long.
We put our trust in Jesus.
His voice still rings out strong.

Catherine MacDonald © 2022

Tune Thornbury 7676D
Your Hand O God, Has Guided

Permission is granted for congregational use with attribution.

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