Photo Challenge – Bliss

View of Perce Rock from Bonaventure IslandIt’s a rainy, dreary day here in Halifax, bliss does NOT come to mind. When I think of bliss, I think of sensuality, of decadent desserts, of spiritual highs. I didn’t take this today, it’s a picture of Perce Rock taken this summer. My husband and I hiked all over Bonaventure Island this summer; up and down hills and staircases, in hot weather. We had inadvertently chosen the longest trail… we were being tourists and I was NOT going to be a control freak and literally map out each step of the way. Since neither of us is as fit as we could be, the last 3 kilometres, out of approximately 10, were very challenging. This picture represents the relief and BLISS I felt as Perce Rock came into view and the END was in sight!

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