Photo Challenge – Water

DSC00884Water, and more specifically the ocean, is a powerful symbol of God for me. The tide rolling in and out, stormed tossed seas, ripples that barely mark the shore, they all tell me something about my relationship with the Divine. I go to the beach when I have something to celebrate, when I have something to mourn, when I have something with which I am wrestling and always, always, I receive some sense of connection and direction, some sense of a love that is much more vast than I can imagine. And that connection is love. Love is at the heart of God, love is at the heart of life, love is at the heart of people.

I have been collecting pictures of heart shaped pictures and come across many heart shaped rocks in my beach walks; imagine my surprise when I came across this heart of water, after the tide went out.

Taken at Terrence Bay, Nova Scotia – July 2014

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Water

  1. A beautiful image.My favorite song is titled oceans by Hillsong and when I read the assignment it’s the first thing that came to mind and now after reading your blog I would like to share it with you. Take a listen to it if you have time it’s a bit long but it reminds me of your blog and I think you’ll like it too.

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