What’s In A Name?

Today’s assignment was to name our blog and create a tagline. Or, if we were happy with ours, tell why we had chosen it.

One morning, as I sat in my usual chair in the living room, the French doors in the entryway were partially open and reflected the window in the front door. I became intrigued by both the visual and metaphorical image of doors and windows opening outward and inward and also the ‘window’ of the camera lens.

The name I originally chose was ‘A Window On God’s World. I asked a number of people, whom I trust to be truthful, for feedback. One of them suggested I change it to ‘my’ as a symbol of ownership. That there is nothing wrong in claiming that it was ‘my’ window.

The tagline I have changed a couple of times, right now it is Exploring the Sacredness of Life. As I looked at my blog today, I realized that I can hardly make out the tagline given the background picture. So, I can do a couple of things to change that, or at least I think I can: change the font or change the picture.

GogglesDemonstrating my fascination with looking through things… This picture was taken through a window, through a pair of goggles.

Tell me what you think of my blog’s name and tagline.

8 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Hi Catherine…I like your name of your blog, but I agree with you the picture needs to be modified or changed. I must say, I love the scene. Maybe consider using it as a background picture on the sids of your blog, which are currently black (at least on my screen). I love trees, so I’m partial. Good luck with your blog!

  2. I love the name of your blog; it reflects exactly what it is, who you are, and lets the reader know what it’s going to be about. I’ve also liked that it reflects your religious affiliation without scaring off the heathens like me. 🙂 The current tagline I find a bit generic but possibly because the name of the blog is brilliant.

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