Whackydoo or Wicked?

Photo edited with http://www.tuxpi.comWhat makes one person connect and click with another? Whether that is in love or friendship? The picture to the right reminds me of the serendipity of friendship, how it can occur when you least expect it and how it’s colours brighten our days. It’s also slightly off kilter, just like Liz Feltham.

I met Liz and her husband last year at a Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance that my husband and I attended with my sister and her husband. The six of us had a drink or two before dinner and before long the question of who did what for a living came up. As a United Church of Canada minister, I am accustomed to a wide variety of reactions from people when they find out I am a minister, especially if they have already told an off colour joke or have a drink in their hand. People sit up straighter, start to monitor their language and often feel the need to tell me that they find God in nature and how terrible the church is or they have a pressing need to unburden themselves. I am happy to have either of those conversations, just not at dance.

I think Liz was initially taken aback, but quickly resumed being herself, cracking jokes, giving people a hard time, teasing me. Typical Newfoundlander! We had a great evening, connected on facebook, had lunch together and then to my dismay, I found out that she and her husband had been posted to Victoria, BC. However, through the magic that is social media, we remain connected and she is responsible for the title today. We had an early morning facebook exchange in which she used both words. She blogs at http://lizfeltham.wordpress.com/

Other blogs I checked out today and am now following as per our assignment are:





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One thought on “Whackydoo or Wicked?

  1. Catherine, after I stopped laughing–okay I haven’t stopped I’m still laughing. Anyway, thank you, you’re too kind, and the feeling is mutual. I should mention to your audience that it’s easy to be taken aback when one has been raised Catholic–we just don’t have funny, hip, wine-drinking women as priests (listen up Pope Francis, now’s your chance to leave a legacy). I use “we” loosely of course, having fallen out of organized religion years ago, which was another reason to squirm 🙂 Also your writing is captivating, and I am envious of your skills, which is great because you guys don’t have that Seven Deadly Sins business 🙂 Thanks again, for the post and the friendship!

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