The Spring Grumpies

Snow DayI woke up this morning to about 10 cm of snow; for readers in the USA, that’s about 4 inches. The calendar says it’s spring, the view outside says winter.

I am not feeling very Eastery today. I cancelled Bible Study AGAIN!

And so, along with creating the bulletin for next Sunday, prepping for a funeral on Friday, finishing my report for tonight’s board meeting, and responding to a variety of emails, I am writing about one of my pet peeves:

Why, oh why, do so many reputable websites of all varieties, include pop up windows to subscribe to their blogs or sites? It annoys me, admittedly beyond reason, to get those pop ups. You know, if I want to follow your blog or site, I am smart enough to figure out how without that annoying window.

Does anyone remember when the ‘x’ used to always be in the same place to close a window? The upper left hand corner. Now, it can be anywhere, sometimes it is even hidden unless you hover your mouse over it, sometimes it isn’t an ‘x’ you have to find, but ‘close.’

And while I am on a rant about that, I also want to highlight another annoying feature of some websites. When their social media ‘share’ buttons cover part of the text. This is especially annoying on mobile devices. According to this article, mobile device usage now exceeds computer usage and not just for those who are using them to connect with friends and family, business use on mobile devices increases each year.

Run a clean, easy navigable site and I will come back time and again, in fact, I will bookmark it and/or subscribe to it. Make it difficult to read and you quickly move off my list of useful sites.

And that’s my window (a non pop up one) on God’s world.

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