Friday Five – Whatcha Hauling?

  1. WalletPhysical: What do you ALWAYS carry in your purse/wallet/coat pocket/backpack? Painkillers & dental floss. 
  2. Whimsical: Is there a surprise inside? What’s among the unusual items? Nothing unusual in my purse, now my computer case is another story… it has multiple pockets to stash things in and I often forget I have put something in there to take home. For instance, the other day I found a black tank top that I had worn underneath my other clothes for the Easter Sunrise Service, but was too warm to continue to wear for the rest of the morning. I live in Canada, in Nova Scotia, where we have had one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades… and we don’t talk about the state of my car in polite company. 
  3. Practical: As a chaplain, I always have some breath mints and tissues. How about you? Mints, notepad and pan, business cards, lipstick. 
  4. Spiritual: Share a question or lesson from your spiritual life that you’re puzzling about. Pondering what God has in store for me when I finish my six month appointment at the end of June. 
  5. Virtual: Anything you’d like us to help you carry? Or maybe you have a picture, quote or story to lighten another’s load? I often forget to listen to uplifting music. I spent a few days on retreat this past week (new blog post coming up!) and listened to a lot of music while contemplating.  

BONUS: share a photo of your bag/backpack/purse/car — we won’t judge! Not sharing a picture of my car! 

6 thoughts on “Friday Five – Whatcha Hauling?

  1. Good point about music, I must agree. I have to remember to play it more often. Most of my “free” time is spent driving from here to there, so I need to beef up my drive-time music, and not listen to the news station!

    • I use my driving time to learn the alto part in the music we are singing in the community choir I belong to. It’s all uplifiting music, but it’s also a task, so not the same as listening to Songs and Prayers from Taize.

  2. Totally get that about the music. I need to change that. I am cracking up about your car–I just de-junked mine this afternoon.

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