Friday Five – Getting Ready To Go


Trail at Tatamagouche Centre

I haven’t played Friday Five for a few weeks… I was away at our denominational gathering one Friday and then wound up with cellulitis in my cheek after having a tooth removed, so the last few weeks have left little time and energy for anything but the bare essentials.

I am getting ready to go to the final residency of the Atlantic Jubilee Program at Tatamagouche Centre in another 10 days. So… five things that I will do to get ready to go:

  1. Laundry.
  2. Pack the charger for my phone, tablet and camera.
  3. Make sure I have coverage for emergency pastoral care and Sunday morning.
  4. Dole out my daily medication into containers.
  5. Water the plants.

One thought on “Friday Five – Getting Ready To Go

  1. I have to carefully lay out the clothing I am going to take. Once, I went to a conference without a belt: the suit I wore had a built-in belt. Once I went without sox, and laundered, dried and ironed the one pair of sox through a whole week.


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