Friday Five – It’s Back to School Time!


This is one of the books that I have to read for the Interim Ministry Training.

 Tell us about your learning edges in:

1. Reading: what’s in your “to-be-read” stack? Fiction? Church leadership? Commentaries? I just registered for interim ministry training and have a fair bit of reading to do for the first residency at the end of September.  

2. Writing: are you blogging? Journaling? Developing a new book proposal? Or just crafting sermons? Any excerpt you’d care to share? (We won’t grade your penmanship!) Along with sermonizing, I have been blogging sporadically over the summer. I have to write an 10-20 page integrative paper for the Spiritual Direction program I have been in for the last 2 1/2 years. I want to have a draft done by the end of next week so that I can start reading for the Interim Ministry program. 

3. ‘Rithmetic: Family budget? Church budget? National debt? What are you discovering about yourself and your church/family when it comes to handling money? The best thing my husband and did when we married and combined households 3 years ago was deciding that we would share in all the household expenses equally, but we were not accountable to each other for the rest of our funds. So each month, we work out what we need for the household and put our share in a joint account, the rest is ours to do with what we want. 

4. Music: favorite new hymn or worship band? I would love to incorporate newer music at the church I am serving, but that’s not really possible, so I write new words to familiar tunes and the congregation seems to appreciate that. 

5. Detention: uh huh… If you were supposed to report for detention today, what would be the note on the slip? Hmm… I am having a really hard time answering this one, maybe I should ask my friends. 

BONUS: Recess!

RevGals just want to have fun! What’s your favorite way to unwind? Playing Scrabble on-line against my husband… although he is on a winning streak that is really annoying me right now! 

6 thoughts on “Friday Five – It’s Back to School Time!

  1. I scrolled through the hymns; such good stuff!! (And I bookmarked it for future reference.) where are you working on Spiritual Direction? It’s something I’ve been pondering…

  2. I had a class in seminary called “Transitions and Transformation” and the Bridges book was our main text. It has some good information.

    Do you know about Carolyn Winfrey Gillette? She writes new words to the old hymn tunes.

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