Friday Five – I Can See Clearly Now

DSC04316Things that I experience through my senses.

  1. A sight or view that brings you continual pleasure: My flower gardens, even as weedy and unkempt as they have become this year, the miracle of things growing and blooming without any effort on my part is a continuous source of joy for me. 
  2. A sound that brings you joy: The swirling sounds of the pipes and drums as the entire cast of The Nova Scotia International Tattoo marches out to Black Bear. I have seen the show, which changes a bit every year, at least 15 times and that march out never fails to stir me.  
  3. A taste that you savor: BACON! Or the blackened steak I had at The Keg the other night. Or chips! Or a crunchy green salad. 
  4. A smell that brings you comfort: The smell of fresh dill immediately takes me back to my maternal grandmother’s home. She was of German ancestry, so there was lots of dill in her cooking, which I didn’t care for as a child. But for whatever reason, when I smell dill, I feel safe and protected. 
  5. A tactile experience that surprised you: The biggest tactile surprise I got this year was when I crawled underneath the evergreen trees that border our back yard to take some pictures, found moss growing on the tree trunks that was as soft as soft can be… in the middle of winter!  

9 thoughts on “Friday Five – I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Yes! To all of it! Bagpipes stir my soul, as well, I’m so glad you wrote of that. Gardens and blooming things delight me, too. Thanks for playing!

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