Friday Five – ‘Falling’ in Love

Today’s Friday Five is all about your favorite fall things.

  1. What’s your favorite fall food? A hearty beef stew or pot roast that takes all day to cook. I sometimes imagine I will get one in the oven before I leave for church on Sunday… 216
  2. What’s your favorite item of clothing that you get to pull out in the fall? Anything that is burgundy! It’s been my favourite colour since I was a child. The dark, rich colour seems perfectly suited for cooler weather. 
  3. What’s your fav.orite fall scene in nature? (Pictures encouraged!) I participated in a contemplative photography program last fall at Tatamagouche Centre where I spent two entire days taking photos. This is my favourite of them all. DSC02337
  4. What’s your favorite thing that happens in the fall? Back to school? Sports season? Something else entirely? I usually love getting back into routines, reconnecting with church members and colleagues who have been away. My energy is usually high in the fall but I confess that this fall, I am rather weary, only having had a week’s vacation over the summer, instead of my usual month. 
  5. And finally, because surely not everyone is as in love as I am, what is your least favorite thing about fall? The days getting shorter, already it is dark at 8 pm, and it seems like just yesterday we sat outside till 9 and it was still daylight. 

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – ‘Falling’ in Love

  1. What a wonderful photo you shared. I take many more pictures now that the camera and phone are one thing. I am a pointer and clicker! I bookmarked the link to the place where you took the class…will peruse the site later. Thanks.

  2. I have a crock pot beef stew recipe that I cannot wait to pull out! And the shorter days do remind me that it won’t be long until it’s dark before I leave work. That’s hard to take.

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