Friday Five – Five Things

Sparkly ruffled edges of a late blooming lily in my backyard.

Sparkly ruffled edges of a late blooming lily in my backyard.

The question today at RevGals today is: if you had to move into a suite for an extended period (say a month) with just five familiar objects, what would they be?

The five objects would be different depending on what I was doing. Was I on retreat? A month long ministry exchange? (Which as I write this, sounds like a fun idea!) Am I participating in a continuing education event? Am I on vacation? And electronics has made this a very different question that it would have been just a short decade ago.

Here are my five:

  1. My camera; I rarely go anywhere without it any more, photography has become part of my spiritual practice, especially macro photography.
  2. My tablet; even though I use it primarily for preaching and reading novels, it’s got a Bible app on it as well as internet access.
  3. Cross-stitch, while I only do it sporadically, I assume that sometime in the month, there would be time to do it.
  4. A journal.
  5. My pillow! I like a really thin one and most places they are too fat!

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