Friday Five – Random!


Early spring on the grounds of Seton Spirituality Centre.

RevGals are adept at juggling and making do on the fly. In the spirit of the ability to multi-task, we’re pulling a random Friday Five out of the hat today.

  1. What is your “gotta go!” breakfast that you can grab and take with you in the morning when you’re in a rush? Whipped peanut butter and organic jam sandwich on whole wheat bread. Which is often what I have for breakfast anyway… except I usually have it toasted. 
  2. When was the last time you had a fun evening out, and what did you do? I just came back from spending a week in Florida with my mother and three sisters, so we had fun shopping, hanging out in the pool and hot tub, beaching it. 
  3. Favorite poet or poem? Mary Oliver and I would be hard pressed to name a favourite. 
  4. Who makes you laugh? A couple of my colleagues never fail to make me laugh! 
  5. Where do you like to go for some “time apart,” in the way that Jesus took time apart? Seton Spirituality Centre in Terrence Bay, Nova Scotia. Run by Sisters of Charity, it’s the perfect place for me. Meals are at set times, good wholesome food, but for breakfast you are on your own, and are free to come down in your pjs. and you can help yourself to snacks from the kitchen at any time. It’s in a beautiful, natural setting with the ocean and walking trails close by and lovely indoor spaces to curl up in with a book, or nap or whatever. 

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Random!

  1. I wish I were close enough to Nova Scotia to enjoy the place you describe. Sounds like a tonic for the soul! Thanks so much for playing today.

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