Friday Five – Distractions

ScrabbleOver at RevGals it’s Friday Five time and the theme is distractions. In the midst of such bad news, sometimes we need to escape, so here are five of my distractions when the going gets tough.

  1. Scrabble! I play on Facebook with a few friends, but my main opponent is my husband. It is a good distraction because it uses brain power, but doesn’t allow me to obsess on whatever is bothering me. Unless my ‘Word Nerd’ crown starts to slip and he wins repeatedly, when then starts to bother me.
  2. Mindless novels; I love crime, suspense, historical fiction, romance, just about the only things I don’t care for is horror and westerns.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds. And Friends, I have seen every episode of Friends, but somehow that doesn’t matter, I can watch them again and again.
  4. So much of ministry feels incomplete, so when I am stressing or obsessing about something tidying something up eases some of that.  Making order out of chaos. Actually completing something!  Last Friday I spent most of the day sorting out my study and it was a spiritual practice.
  5. Baking… the more complicated the better!
  6. Bonus one: And if all of those fail, there is always a big bag of chips in my future!

One thought on “Friday Five – Distractions

  1. Love your answers–we could almost be twins! I love word games, as well (I play Free Cell while waiting for computer pages to load (old, slow computer)). Thanks so much for playing and sharing your own version of play!

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