Empty Toto

The first tote that got emptied! 

I started my first Interim Ministry appointment yesterday with the Elmsdale Pastoral Charge. We held a combined worship service (it’s a two point charge) followed by a reception. Worship went well, with only one minor glitch. Lively conversation before worship began, during the Passing of the Peace (!) and at the reception.

Today I had my first crack at organizing my new office; I am a little hampered by waiting for the church to purchase at least one more bookcase. Even with taking an entire bookcase full of books home to my study there, there is not nearly enough shelf space.

Later in the day I had my first meeting with the Transition Team, these are the folks with whom I will be working the closest with over the next 2 1/2 years.  We had some good, deep discussion and decided on a few steps and as we ‘checked out’ some of the adjectives used were: feeling positive, energized, hopeful, a way forward.

And of course, there is the regular day to day stuff of getting bulletin material to the secretary and choosing hymns… which I haven’t done yet.

A good first day!

And that’s my window on God’s world.

7 thoughts on “Firsts!

  1. Of all the folks I shook hands with on Sunday, I think I only heard “The Peace of Christ be with you” maybe 10 times; but I must also say that I only experienced one not so enthusiastic hand shake.

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