Friday Five – Needing an Epiphany!



Over at RevGals it’s Friday Five time and the question is what do you do, who do you call, where do you go, etc. to get spiritually unstuck?

  1. If the weather is good, I head to Conrad’s Beach, it’s my favourite beach on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. It’s not serviced with washrooms, there isn’t a lot parking, there is no concession stand, so it remains something of a hidden gem. I have walked there in all kinds of weather, I have hunkered down between dunes in wild weather and felt the power of the ocean surge, I have cried, laughed and loved there. No matter how I am feeling, I always experience God.
  2. Go see my spiritual director or talk with my mentor.
  3. Take my camera out for a walk and see/experience God’s world through the viewfinder. It’s partly being outdoors, partly being mindful, but I always return refreshed and somehow restored.
  4. Talk to a trusted colleague; I am fortunate in that I have several colleagues close by that I trust implicitly.
  5. Take my sermon for a walk in the neighbourhood. I don’t do it nearly every week, but the weeks that I do, it’s amazing what some physical activity, combined with being in the neighbourhood you minister in, can do to become unstuck. I learned that from Tending to the Holy by Bruce Epperly and Katherine Gould Epperly.
  6. Bonus one: Spend a couple of days at Seton Spirituality Centre.

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