Lenten Phot0-A-Day: Look

LookMy friend Lee messaged me to ask if I felt like going for a walk along the boardwalk at Fisherman’s Cove. The community still has a viable fishery and is now a tourist destination as well… in the summer. I said sure, and she came and picked me up. We are both avid photographers, so had our cameras with us.

I had no idea it was so cold; it LOOKS like a great day out there, it’s bright and sunny, however, it’s -8 Celsius and the wind coming off the north Atlantic was bitingly cold. I lasted about 40 feet along the boardwalk before I turned to her and said, “I can’t do this, it’s too cold. Let’s go have coffee.”

The difference between my perception of the bright, sunny day when I was warm in my house and the reality of it once I was out there were significant. A reminder that what I see, what I look at, is very dependent on where I am coming from. Today it was just a difference in how I perceived the weather, and didn’t have much impact on anything, other than to go have coffee instead of walking. As I integrate more fully into the interim ministry appointment, it’s a good reminder that things may not be the way they are when I first look at them.


3 thoughts on “Lenten Phot0-A-Day: Look

  1. I often wonder at the masks the collective ‘we’ wear…and what lies below them. Especially important for a church in the interim time. The congregation I served wore a mask of “we want everyone to be happy and not step on any toes or say anything we think others might disagree with.”

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