Friday Five: You Can Never Have Too Many…


Just one of a few… 

I haven’t played Friday Five at Revgals for a couple of weeks and today the question is what do you have a secret stash of, or can’t resist buying another even when you have enough at home already.

  1. Journals! I can’t seem to resist the lure of a booklet of blank pages, it can be from the dollar store or handcrafted, the possibility that I will regularly journal
  2. Baking pans, specialty baking pans! I mean, who doesn’t need those teeny tiny cheesecake pans? Now, mind you, I do a fair bit of baking, so can always justify one more.
  3. Books. I have at least twenty thirty books in my ‘to read’ stack. On-line purchasing has fed this addiction.
  4. Earrings. I wonder how many days I could wear a different pair of earrings before repeating.
  5. Pottery. Who can resist a lovely piece of pottery? A little dish for olives, or nuts, or candy.

I started off wondering whether I have five things that I stash/can’t resist, but soon realized that while I might not shop much, there are things…

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