Lenten Photo-A-Day: Spirit

SpiritI have recently joined a gym; I haven’t been very active in the last few years. In 2012 and 2013 I walked a lot in preparation for the 10k of the Bluenose Marathon, but that fell by the wayside a couple of years ago. My new love of landscape photography has made me discover just how physically demanding it can be!

Years ago, when I worked retail, I used to go to the gym before work and THEN be on my feet all day. Now, as a minister, my work involves a lot of sitting around, except on Sundays, and let’s not forget how often we church people like to eat.

I broached the idea of joining to one of my sisters and we only joined for a month… I didn’t want the guilt of a paying for a membership then not using it. We joined with the plan tof going twice a week, but quickly decided to aim for 3 times. Three weeks in, I think I am hooked. I have added 7 minutes to the time on the bike since day 1, I feel stronger, my clothes fit a bit better and while my sister and don’t always go at the same time, most days we do. While I may not be in the spirit at 6:15 when my alarm goes off, or when I am hauling my gym bag, computer bag, lunch bag, purse and coffee out to the car, by the time I am halfway through my cardio, I am. I start the day off already having accomplished something.

That’s the spirit!


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