A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sanctuary!

img_20160926_150723I finished my before worship check of the power point, got myself a glass of water, checked in with the Music Director and a few other people, chatted with people as they arrived, then went upstairs to gown.

It’s been a hot and humid summer here in Nova Scotia, our church, like most, is no air conditioned, so it’s common practice not to gown during the summer, although I still do for the sacraments or a funeral. Today would be the first time that the choir and I were Wee had decided that the choir and I would gown for the first time since last spring.

I slipped it on, zipped it up… and it was uncomfortably snug. I was mystified, I had worn it just the week before for a baptism and yes, I had had a big meal the night before, but surely I couldn’t have gained so much weight in a week that my gown didn’t fit!

As I stood there is my office, thoroughly puzzled, the light suddenly dawned… when I had had to wear my gown this past summer, I had stripped down to my underwear first (don’t worry my gown is lined!) in order to cope with the heat! With the addition of clothes…

Despite eating lots of delicious fruit and vegetables from our CSA through Taproot Farms, it seems that the lovely days of sitting on my deck reading a book, drinking coffee… and wine… and then going down to the boardwalk for ice cream have caught up with me. Evidently gardening is no substitute for going to the gym…

I could say I am going to the gym tomorrow morning… but instead I am getting on a place to Chicago, where there is pizza! And meet-ups with some RevGals. And wine! The gym will have to wait for another week.


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