Friday Five – Colour Your World


Taken at Tatamagouche during a Contemplative Photography program. 

Five ways in which nature’s palette colours my world:

  1. Fall has always been my favourite time of the year. My earliest memories of fall are from when we lived in Quebec and the brilliance of the red maples is etched into my mind’s eye. Here in Nova Scotia, I have been amazed at how much the leaves have changed in the week I was at the Why Christian? event in Chicago.
  2. My favourite colour to wear is burgundy; it’s been that way since I was a teenager. There is something about the warmth of the colour that simply makes me feel good when I wear it. And I was excited when I went to my favourite clothing shop to discover that it is THE colour of fall this year!
  3. When we landscaped our new house a number of years ago, I told the person we hired that we wanted shades of pink, purple, red and burgandy for everything… much to my dismay, we wound up with many gold lilies… I  have tried to love them as part of nature’s palette… but I think I am going to dig them up next spring and give them to someone who will love them.
  4. The colours of a room have a tremendous impact on my mood, years ago when I moved into a manse, I was delighted that they allowed me to pick out the colours when they were repainting it for my arrival. When we had to choose paint for our new house, a DAUNTING task in an open concept home, I spent a great deal of time poring over books about painting. FYI, our house is mostly a dull, pale gold, which sounds boring, but is lovely! We have a couple of accent walls of burgundy in our bedroom and my study and the entryway is terracotta.
  5. A couple of years ago I started introducing turquoise as an accent colour in our living room/dining room/kitchen. I love the way it pops out in the midst of burundy and gold.

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