Advent Photo A Day: Light

lightWe bought new, stainless steel appliances when we moved into the house we built in 2012. The freezer is a drawer on the bottom and my husband would often tease/lament about the toe prints he found on it as I often closed the drawer using my foot. And I like to go barefoot most of the time. The other day, I caught him doing it! But he justified it by saying that it was with his shoe not his bare feet.

This morning, as I was refilling  my coffee cup, the light hit the fridge in just the right way for me to see a big sneaker print!

I began to ponder not just the physical light, which made this picture possible… but how lightly can we live? How do we ‘touch the earth lightly?’ How do we carry burdens lightly? How do we live in the light of God’s love and how do we reflect that light?

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